Swedish Massage

Classic Swedish full body massage that calms your body and spirit. Helps reduce stress and improves circulation.
$  80
60 mins

$ 375 - series of 5
Therapeutic Massage

This full body massage incorporates Swedish and other modalities of massage such as acupressure and reflexology helping to reduce stress and tension.
$ 110
90 mins

$  80
45 mins

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body. This type of massage is extremely beneficial because it reaches the deepest layers of muscles including connective tissue surrounding the joints.
$ 95
60 mins

Warm Stone Therapy

This art of healing begins with essential oils to soothe and relax the senses. Warm Stones are massaged into the muscles releasing tension, then followed up with concentrated massage in tense areas.
Aromatherapy Massage

A gentle massage that calms the nervous system while applying aromatic oils to enhance your relaxation. We at Peaches and Cream offer different selections of  aromatherapy oils including Young Living and Eve Taylor.
$ 90
60 mins

Pregnancy Massage

A light pressure massage for relaxation and relief from minor aches and pains of pregnancy.
$ 80
60 mins

Back Stress Therapy

Concentrated Massage of the neck, shoulders and back area.
$ 55
30 mins


An ancient technique that uses pressure point massage in the feet and hands to help eliminate toxins and promotes healing, and also induces a state of relaxation.
$ 42 - feet
30 mins
$ 80 - hands & feet
60 mins

Integrated Ear, Hand and Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is both the science and art of applying compression massage to the ears,hands, and feet. Reflexology has a profound effect on calming the nervous system, relieving stress and tension, improving circulation throughout the body, in-turn the body naturally releases toxins in order to maintain balance.
$  80
60 mins

Reiki Treatment Massage

Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea of an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is that causes us to be alive. Our Reiki Treatment includes the healing essence of essential oils and elements of earth. This treatment incorporates aromatherapy, warm stone and reflexology.
$ 110
90 mins

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle, light touch approach that releases tensions in the central nervous system so that every other system in the body can relax, self correct and free itself of pain and discomfort. This therapy is used to treat problems involving the brain and spinal cord, especially direct trauma to the head and spine. Other treatable conditions include headaches and migraines, TMJ, dyslexia, ear problems, whiplash, asthma, irritable bowel and neck, shoulder and low back problems.
$  85
60 mins

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